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So basically, the Kanto dating services portland oregon leaders set Ash up for failure by handing him a bunch of badges for no reason. Well, the writers decided to saddle Ash with a new trick — he only uses Pokemon from his current team, meaning that all those powerful, dependable members of his team are nowhere to be found. Shares DNA with Deoxys long story there. Is a Baron at the Battle Chateau not impressive but still higher rank than Red. K forst off, I see a lot of runner ups in there.

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Has 42 Badges as of now from every region. But how old does the new anime say he is? Never in 10 thousand years! Also, you realize the reason Ash has so many accolades is because after failing, instead of learning from those failures and trying again, decides to run away to some new region, having learned little to nothing, and racking up useless accomplishments that mean nothing in the long run, right? Children will not age until they win the pokemon league. He barely wins the first badge despite having two very experienced Pokemon in Pikachu and Charizard.

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Can i just point out that early episodes kanto and jhoto pikachu is pretty much at the same level as bulbasaur and his crappy unevolved squirtle. He is clearly Older in xy; he acts more mature than in any other series. Yes I know that it is just a cartoon, but it is not a loony toons cartoon where absolutely anything can happen.

But as the newest version of the Pokemon League unfolded in Japan, I thought this might be the time for Ash to shine. He then he to Johto with the same crew and an awesome new theme song, but the same problems. I feel mature adult dating Ash as a vampire would local sluts luseland for a more interesting show than what we have now.

Season 14, right? Not that it matters. Yeah, great he got second place. Second off, based on what proof? Hence they will forever be children.

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He ages wit the show. Eight badges, and Ash won, what, two fights? Blah blah blah he gets all eight badges. Just look at the choice hong kong dating service members who ever traveled with him.

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But hey, at least Ash improved on his finish! I seem to remember that the anime says it was three years since the start of his adventure when he met May. So he really should be in the range. Great, now win indiana dating actual league. For a time, was in control of Mewtwo, Deoxys and Articuno, something Ash is too stupid to even think to do. Plus who could like his personality? For example:.

Its also very convenient that they forget about types and how they really match up as well as other complete and utter ladies seeking sex morton shit they come up with. I agree. You are saying that ash is dumb.

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With eight badges in hand, he he to this version of the Pokemon League and runs into another rival, Tyson. Agree with you.

This is why they had to find new female traveling companions for him. And what happens in this sixth-round battle?

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Although, I do appreciate the fact that they changed this in Generation 7, Professor Kukui gave me a run for my money! Took down Team Rocket. Ash brings out a Snivy — yes, the unevolved version of the grass starter who is affectionately known as Smugleaf. He faces a trainer in the top 8 who starts out with a Riolu.

But hey, at least he improved on his finish! But hey, at least Beautiful couples looking adult dating juneau alaska improved on his fini—wait, he only got to the top 8 again. It is the curse of all pokemon trainers. To add on he qualified for 7 leagues or something like that.

Eight badges, etc.

Ash ketchum is the worst pokemon trainer ever

It just so happens that at the start of the current battle not the end of the last one where it, you know, got all that experienceAsh has run into another unexpected evolution, and one that gives him a type east haven women looking for sex to boot! So, you remember that Ho-Oh Ash saw in the first episode? The only mistake he made was daring to dream.

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The Riolu women seeking sex aripeka into a Lucario! And this dumb ass wont capture a kabuto episode 8 season 2. Those were some good episodes. No wonder why that level 5 snivy beat pikachu.

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Oh yeahhhhhh. In the pokemon world. Only human outside of Yellow that Mewtwo trusts. Thanks a lot, guys. Yes, kids, legendaries are now approved at the Pokemon League and other gym battles, so Tobias free phone date lines chula vista sex marched through everything to this point with just his Darkrai.

Met all Legendaries up to now and befriended them. Seems right for someone so second rate. This is all well and good. And here we have the impetus for this post. Won that arbitrary boke tournament.


The prelude to the Fountain of Youth arc. He is obviously more Mature and acts very different than any Other series. And he could turn into a Golbat and make Misty into free sex with women in minot tonight thrall or something. The other thing is that he clearly is not ten in xy! What a badass. Why is he even bothering with the tournament in the first place? He also had a one-year anniversary with Pikachu at some point.

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Like what the hell! All we know is that the creators seemingly ran out of ways to justify an experienced trainer like Ash losing, so they just said the hell with it and put him in an impossible battle.

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Unfortunately, he loses in the top 8 in a pretty good battle against Free sex storiies that comes down to the wire. How does this happen? But would that be so bad at this point? Why is he taking a Darkrai to fight level 10 Pokemon at an early gym?